5 Tips for Remembering to Take Your Medication

If you feel overwhelmed or sometimes just forget to take your medicine, you’re not the only one. Remembering to take medication – even a daily vitamin – can be a real challenge. Many people with chronic liver diseases deal with this on a regular basis.

Taking your prescribed medication as recommended is one of the best ways to keep you healthier longer. That means not missing medication doses because you forget or run out.

Here are five tips for remembering to take your medication:

  • Case closed: It’s easy to forget whether you took a pill. It’s like not being sure if you turned off the light when you left the house. Here’s a quick solution: get yourself a weekly pill box. When you use it, you can check each day to see if you took your medicine. Mystery solved.
  • Better together: Chances are you don’t forget your morning coffee or washing your face before bed. Try setting your medicine out near something you do without fail every day. Taking your medication as part of your routine at a regular time will help you make it a habit. That means you can think about it less.
  • Be alarming: Cell phone alarms and calendar alerts are really handy. If you need a reminder to take your medicine, set a daily notification on your phone. When your phone does the remembering, it’s one less thing for you to worry about. This works with a paper calendar, too, as long as you look at it daily. Just write it down and cross it off
  • Self-care Sundays: Set aside a few minutes every Sunday to prepare for a great week. It can make a real difference. For your PBC treatment, this could mean making sure you have refills ready, dividing up your week of medicine into a pill box, and setting your daily reminders on your phone.
  • Power to the people: If you find that you’re not taking your medication routinely, talk to your doctor about it. Your doctor can help you come up with a plan of action, or adjust your treatment.

Managing a chronic liver disease can be tough, but hopefully these five simple steps help make a real difference in sticking to your treatment plan.

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